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Koko-Di Koko-Da Review – Repulsive Groundhog Day For Deploring A Couple.

Johannes Nyholm arranges this unconventional mental horribleness about a couple frequented by their dead young lady’s melodic box.

Johannes Nyholm’s film is an odd, careful little psycho unpleasantness about distress: the title is taken from a bizarre (and genuine) Swedish nursery rhyme, Our Chicken Is Dead, played here on a melodic box having a spot with a youngster: “Vår tupp är död, vår tupp är död, Han kan inte sjunga Koko-di Koko da!” (“Our chicken’s dead, our chicken’s dead, He’ll be finished sing Koko-di, Kokoda!”) Her melodic box has three unusual figures drawn on it: a keen old gent in a straw boater, a young woman with a canine on a lead and a brutish Goliath of a man passing on a dead puppy (abnormally, no chickens, in any condition). It’s not palatable whether these figures are exact, like the rhyme, or made up for the film.

The lead characters who played as a couple, Tobias (Leif Edlund) and Elin (Ylva Gallon), who in the regarded method of spine chillers are dealing with a terrible private setback. They go on an outside discover the forested territories, and in case you calculated their torment wouldn’t cause issues not far off for them in a unique structure, you would be misguided. They are set upon by the three awful dream figures from their young lady’s melodic box spring up and a short time later set upon again and again, in a shocking time-hover from which tense and perhaps whimsical activities are there to be taught, in the style of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Besides, the movement is blended in with an impossible to miss charm light show (whose mythic substance may be evolved), which also appears to have a significance for the hopeless couple.

It’s an exciting film whose gadgets aren’t as irately alive as they could have been. Yet, it passes on a couple paralyzes and alerts of a particular sort, with questionable echoes of Ruben Östlund or Michael Haneke. It fills in as a story for what comes upon despairing when it is left un-exorcized and unexpressed.

• Koko-di Koko-da is delivered on 7 September on BFI Player.

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