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How Dagny’s iridescent pop fights Norway’s unlimited evenings.

Consistently, on 21 November, the sun sets behind the mountains of Tromsø in northern Norway and doesn’t return for a quarter of a year. During this long Polar night, or mørketid, the temperature floats around freezing, and snowstorms happen as a rule.

At the point when the sun at last returns on 21 January, the occupants celebrate with a celebration called Soldaten, drinking hot cocoa and munching on a solboller – actually a “sunburn”. In the wake of fighting with such obscurity, you may anticipate that the locale’s music should be downbeat and despairing. Instead, acts like Royksopp and Lene Marlin make up for the atmosphere with music that is warm and euphoric.

Presently we can add Dagny to that rundown. The artist’s presentation collection Outsiders/Darlings conveys the entirety of pop’s most surefire adrenaline activators: twofold handclaps, backing vocals that go “hello!”, and that “whoosh” commotion that regularly introduces a chorale.

Join those with a more significant number of snares than a fisherman’s backpack, and Outsiders/Sweethearts rises as one of the 2020s most guaranteed debuts. In any case, it took very nearly 15 years to get to this stage. At a certain point, Dagny even surrendered music and selected for a degree in advanced media plan – until destiny interceded…

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik was conceived in 1990 to an incredibly melodic family. Her mom is entertainer Marit Sandvik, and her dad is regarded jazz guitarist Øystein Norvoll – yet she wasn’t bound continuously to emulate their example.

“I needed to be a football attendant and afterwards a space traveller and an excavator,” she says. “That was the sort of stuff I envisioned about, because music was consistently there, close enough.”

Indeed, she was impartial to the point that she nearly bombed her secondary school music class, until a songwriting task constrained her to centre. Slacken up.

After working up notoriety locally, Dagny moved to the UK in 2012 to be with her then-sweetheart, Richard Craker. Together, they played the little club circuit and delivered a small bunch of melodies (just one, Seems as though Downpour, stays accessible on web-based features). In any case, by 2015, “it seemed like things weren’t generally going anyplace”, says the artist. She took on college and went through a half year considering. In the late spring occasions, she recorded a solitary called Steady rhythm, whose beating outside the box pop vibe was a world separated from the folksy material she’d delivered previously.

“I think about what happens is that you relax up a tad,” she says. “We chose to do an EP without truly placing an excess of thought into where it planned to lead us – yet simply more since it was fun and we needed to simply be in the studio and play music together.”

She’d wanted to deliver it the next February. At that point, one Friday in September, a call originated from Los Angeles, saying “Zane Lowe needs to debut your melody on Wednesday”.

“By then we hadn’t blended the tune, we had no craftsmanship,” she reviews. In any case, the open door was too acceptable to even consider ignoring. After five days, Dagny and her band swarmed around a speaker to hear the tune’s radio presentation.

“We were cheering with a jug of Prosecco – and afterwards when it was done, everybody took a gander at one another, and I stated, ‘What happens now?'”

What happened was the tune wound up being featured on Spotify’s New Music playlist. Inside three days it had 300,000 plays. “After seven days, we were out of nowhere being flown out to Los Angeles and New York to do grandstands and meet marks,” the artist says.

“Everybody was stating it simply occurred incidentally – and in a manner it did – yet in my reality, it was practically similar to I’d arrive at the finish of my pleasant excursion. Furthermore, it was just actually the very beginning.”

Dagny marked an arrangement with Republic Records, home to Ariana Grande and Taylor Quick, and delivered various generally welcomed singles. However, frustratingly, her force appeared to slow down. “I was living in Norway, and I surmise the separation made it somewhat precarious,” she says. “Things were moving gradually, and I’m a quite fretful individual. I would not like to stop and feel like, you know, there must be eight months between each time I discharge a melody.”

Katy Perry’s credit

At the point when Republic inferred that they weren’t set up to make a collection with Dagny, they chose to head out in different directions. Her presentation is currently being delivered on her own name, Little Knifes, a circumstance she savours. “I needed to figure out how to settle on choices all alone and stick with them. Furthermore, I needed the melodies to cause me to feel something, whether or not they were radio well disposed,” she says.

As she was recording the collection a year ago, her profile got an unforeseen lift when Katy Perry got one of Dagny’s Republic singles, Love You Like That, and utilized it as the reason for her rebound melody Never Truly Finished.

  • ‘Katy Perry utilized my tune for her new single.’
  • Ava Max: ‘I have to make it, regardless.’
  • Alicia Keys: ‘I believed I was from another planet.’

“It was dreamlike,” she says. “I grew up tuning in to I Kissed A Young lady and Adolescent Dreams and the entirety of that – so I scarcely accepted this was really going to occur.”

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