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Juris Bruvers – The 16-year-old talented social media influencer who has created a strong foothold in the industry.

Some are blessed with immense knowledge and skills and make a mark for themselves in whatever they do, Juris is one such soul who is a breed apart from others.

With the spread of internet usage, social media has become a regular staple in everyone’s lives. A person on an average spends maximum hours daily on social media and this platform influences people’s lives in a major way. There are many entrepreneurs who have capitalized this growing market and created history with their accurate business acumen, Juris being one of them.

Latvian born Juris Bruvers at 16 has become the most sought after social media influencers of present times. What started as a past time has become a full-time profession for this young brilliant mind who has used his skills and expertise to capture the market, his loyal base of customers are a proof to this. We are keen to know how his journey started and how he managed to take his passion to turn into a successful business of this grand scale.

Juris says “I started my journey when I was 14 and used to share my online game videos which found a loyal base of audience unexpectedly within a short time making me a known face. With my growing popularity I started doing promotions for a mere $1 just to earn some fast bucks, but when I reached the figure of $10, my mind started working overtime and I thought of utilizing my popularity to establish a serious career as a social media influencer”. With time he has gained a major chunk of clients and has hordes of other popular influencers who partner with him for various projects.

Some people have turned out to be a major support system in Juris’s entrepreneurial journey and he would like to mention Vera Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro who have not only mentored and motivated him but also provided him with the best of recommendations which have made his success story all the sweeter. His priorities do not lie in making money but in helping others achieve their goals through his transparent approach and that indeed is a mark of a successful entrepreneur.

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