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Meet David Alexander Nicholas, the man who took over the digital mediums through his excellence in gambling and went ahead even in the corporate world.

‘The Captain Davo’ is what this youngster is known as across Australia and social media platforms, who changed the dynamics of the gambling industry in ways more than one.

No matter how much ever we speak about how different young individuals from different parts of the world and business industries are making a unique name for themselves, it always feels that much less is discussed about them. People have gone ahead in their quest to create a life of their dreams by getting in places and sports others may not even think about. Gambling is one such sport that might be criticized by many across the globe, but it is also a fact that this very thing has been instrumental in changing people’s lives, giving them the money and of course the lifestyle they have been waiting to create for themselves. David Alexander Nicholas, aka The Captain Davo, is one such young business personality and high-rolling gambler, who fell head over heels with the game after winning jackpots on a slot machine and uploaded a video showing the same which went so viral, that across Australia and social media platforms, he turned into a gambling and social media star.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia and born in 1993, David Nicholas believed he must work towards creating something of his own. And, at the age of 25 through his string gambling game, David Nicholas achieved the success he desired by earning tremendously and creating a lifestyle, where he even bought Porsche 911 Carrera GT3. To be known as an entrepreneur was also something that was in his mind and hence, he became a corporate director in Australia’s marketing and sales space for a national powerhouse.

His career had begun with door-to-door sales and B2B sales. As his knowledge increased, he even rose to C suite roles within various well-known firms, revolving around the niche of sales and marketing. The skills he mastered as a marketing professional even got transferred in his gambling career, where David Nicholas turned his life completely into a high-roller and a prominent name across social media platforms.

To let all his fans and subscribers know the trick and trades, The Captain Davo began showcasing his gambling exploits on social media platforms, which in turn, multiplied his presence and reach. On his YouTube channel, The Captain Davo also has called himself Mark Petersfield and even said that his career in gambling began at the age of 18 since then he has been an addict. However, he also points out that one must gamble as responsibly as possible. David Nicholas also live streams on a Facebook page called Lords Of Blackjack 2-4 nights of the week and uploads highlights from the stream into his YouTube channel.

Apart from this, the 27-year-old young entrepreneur is all excited with his consulting business also. To connect with his highly talented youngster and businessman, follow him on Instagram @thecaptaindavo.

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