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Halsey Slams the Grammys After Censure and Makes Allegations of “Bribes”

Key points :

  • Halsey is likewise not going to stay quiet about her Grammys scorn.
  • Halsey was excluded from the rundown of 2021 Grammy Grant chosen people.
  • She let her sentiments of disappointment be known.
  • The Weeknd, who was additionally censured.

The Chronicle Institute reported the designations for the 2021 Grammy Grants. The Weeknd and Halsey, who both delivered their new collections Twilight and Hyper individually recently, were among a few expected acts not on the rundown.

Halsey is likewise not going to stay quiet about her Grammys scorn :

A week ago, the Canadian artist pummeled the Foundation about his reprimand, and on Saturday, Nov. 28, she let her emotions about being ignored be also known.

In an Instagram Story message, Halsey, 26, said she has “been thinking and needed to pick my words cautiously on the grounds that many individuals have stretched out compassion and expression of remorse to me since the Grammy designations.”

Halsey was excluded from the rundown of 2021 Grammy Grant chosen people :

“The Grammys are a tricky cycle,” she composed. “It can regularly be about in the private background exhibitions, knowing the perfect individuals, battling from other people, with the perfect handshakes and ‘pay-offs’ that can be sufficiently yearning to pass as ‘not-pay-offs.’

She let her sentiments of disappointment be known :

 And on the situation that you get that far, it’s tied in with focusing on selective television exhibitions and ensuring you help the Foundation make their millions in promoting the evening of the show.”

The Weeknd, who was additionally censured :

The “Be Thoughtful” artist proceeded, “Maybe now and again it is (!!) however, it’s not generally about the music or quality or culture. Simply needed to get that out into the open. @theweeknd merits better, and Hyper did too [shrug emoji] maybe it’s indecent of me to state so however I can’t mind any longer.

While I am excited for my capable companions who were perceived for the current year, I am seeking more straightforwardness or change. Yet, I’m certain this post will boycott me in any case.”

The Weeknd communicated his disappointment about not accepting any 2021 Grammy designations soon after the rundown was declared.

“The Grammys stay degenerate,” he tweeted. “You owe me, my fans and the business transparency…”

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