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F1 driver Nikita Mazepin apologizes for ‘improper conduct’

Key points :

  • The twenty one-year-old has since apologized for the video being shared on the web.
  • Nikita Mazepin will drive for Haas F1 group next season.
  • The issue is being managed inside.

Nikita Mazepin, who is seted to race for Recipe One group Haas next season, has apologized after a video was posted via web-based media accepted to be him, contacting the bosom of a lady sitting in a vehicle.

“I might want to feel sory for my ongoing activities, both regarding my own wrong conducted and the s that it was posted onto web-based media,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

The twenty one-year-old has since apologized for the video being shared on the web :

The now-erased video was posted on his Instagram story on Tuesday, yet is currently being broadly shared via web-based media.

Mazepin’s face isn’t really found in the video, which is shot within a moving vehicle.

A unidentified hand would then be able to be seen snatching the chest of a lady in the secondary lounge.

The lady in the video drives the hand away prior to putting her center finger up to the camera

Nikita Mazepin will drive for Haas F1 group next season :

On Wednesday, American group Haas said in an articulation on Twitter: “Haas F1 Group doesn’t support the conduct of Nikita in the video as of late posted on his web-based media. Moreover, the very certainty that the video was posted via web-based media is likewise despicable to Haas F1 Group.”

“The issue is being handled inside and no further remark will be made right now,” the dashing group added.

It was declared a week ago that the 21-year-old Russian would join Haas F1 group in front of the new season. The youngster driver has vowed to gain from his slip-up.

The issue is being managed inside :

“I am upset for the offense I have appropriately caused and to the shame I have brought to Haas F1 Group,” he composed.

“I need to hold myself to a better quality as an Equation 1 driver and I recognize I have let myself and numerous individuals down. I guarantee I will gain from this.” after video via online media surfaces

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