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Marc Angelo Coppola – A social entrepreneur, marketing guru and consultant who has inspired over 300 million followers through his storytelling.

The talented entrepreneur, Marc Angelo Coppola, has carved a niche for himself by using unconventional methods through his various initiatives.

The internet has created endless opportunities for individuals to develop new skills and empower businesses, and this has had a huge impact in the way business is done today around the world.  With many distinct features that the digital world has to offer, podcasts are one of the latest components which have been credited to giving many entrepreneurs and professionals a much needed boost, which was previously missing. It has brought many people with differing perspectives together to share their views and ideas through this medium. One individual in particular, who has made a huge impact in people’s lives by utilizing this digital medium for the betterment of the community, is Marc Angelo Coppola. He has been constantly empowering professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world to be bold and engaging storytellers that will make a positive impact on the world.

Marc is well known for his online school ‘Superhero Academy’, through which he runs podcasts that teach and motivate individuals to be dynamic and to inspire the world through their actions. It is built with the sole idea of mentoring budding entrepreneurs to encourage them to turn their passion into a profit making venture. Through his unconventional podcasts, Marc Angelo empowers individuals to do work which would stand as an inspiration for others. The topics that are discussed on these podcasts assist in broadening people’s mindsets, which in turn make them bold and enterprising, resulting in them being transformed to Superheroes, as the academy name suggests.

Once a marketing wizard, this bright mind also co-owns ‘Valhalla Farms’, in which he is the sales and marketing director, though this position doesn’t shy him away from doing his duties as a farmer. What’s the idea behind starting this venture, you ask? “We have always wanted to create a strong community of individuals, entrepreneurs, creative minds and influencers to join hands and create a space of their dreams for themselves. This is how the idea germinated into reality and this farm was born. It is spread over 80 acres, and our aim is to indulge in regenerative agriculture and storytelling” says Marc.

Marc Angelo’s podcasts are available on YouTube, iTunes, and many other online streaming platforms. To know more about him visit, or follow him on Instagram @marcangelocoppola.

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