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Big Dreams, Small Town, No Problem

If you’re in a small town, 9-5 family, you may think success in a global metropolis is unattainable. Read why you’re wrong!

Meet long-legged, lovely Alyssa Roberts. A small-town girl from humble beginnings, she hated her long, gawky legs, her above average height, and her petite figure because of the constant criticism. Wow, how things have changed.

Gentle, beautiful Alyssa grew up in Connecticut her whole life. A week after changing towns, her beloved Grandma passed, and she returned home briefly.

Stepping away from college allowed her time for deep thought. She realized life was too short to ignore your heart’s messages. She boldly decided she didn’t want to go to college and party her 20s away like most of society. College, sadly, seemed to be about drinking and partying, and Alyssa is not the get-drunk-and-party type. Another reason to be unpopular with the mainstream.

She wanted to start building her success immediately. Alyssa chose the college of life experience. The introspection revealed to her that she had been continuously asked if she was model. It took dozens and dozens of comments before she allowed the message to sink in.

The New Path

Alyssa explains, “It takes a while because when you are from a small town, you stop yourself from dreaming that modeling or chasing a dream in NYC is possible. For some reason, we all believe that those who made it in NYC were always close to it. I am finding out that that is so far from the truth”.

The life lessons from this are:

  • The only thing that stops you is you.
  • Dream big.
  • Success is available to everyone regardless of whether your family is not wealthy, located in a small town, and every family member works a blue-collar job. That is their journey, not yours. You can soar with the stars.

“I came from a rich town, but my family was not rich. Although my parents made sure I had everything I needed and worked so hard to make sure I was able to participate in everything I wanted to, people still judged me. I was constantly treated differently and rejected by many. I was judged and made fun of for being tall and really skinny. I was told I shouldn’t avoid food. I wasn’t avoiding food, I ate good, wholesome food and good quantities of it, but everyone judged me as having abnormal behavior,” shares Alyssa.

While Alyssa hated being skinny growing up, she is now loving her natural figure and learning not to take on board the judgments and journeys of others.

Not Sitting And Waiting For This Girl

Alyssa is not a ‘sit and wait’ kind of girl, so while waiting for an agency to sign her on, she made sure she paid her way. She started studying for a Real Estate License and waiting tables. The latter was a brilliant decision. She kept getting reinforcement from customers asking if she was a model, and then, a modeling agent, State Model Management, sat at one of her tables, and her new history was written.

“Of course, when people in my hometown heard of my decision to start modeling,” says Alyssa, “it was not applauded. I was judged for ‘dropping out of college to chase a modeling fantasy!’ That is their exclamation mark, not mine.”

“Their judgments have actually made me tougher, with retrospect, and this will help me withstand the judgments that fly around the modeling industry. I am grateful for the life lessons.” Now that is a slap in the face for challenges if there ever was one.

Life Lessons

It has not been plain sailing since the new life decision was made. Alyssa had a horrific experience on social media. Two men acted like they were agents but actually had terrible intentions.

Alyssa explains, “I was contacted by an ‘agent’ on Instagram who had a really believable account set up. He said he was with Elite Model Management, which is huge. I didn’t check it out, I know, silly. I was invited to a Facetime interview with him, and during the interview, I was asked to try different poses suggested by him. Some of them seemed a bit inappropriate, but he said it was for Victoria’s Secret catalog option. I still didn’t check him out. He then put me in touch with a guy who would be ‘my social media manager.’ They hacked into all my social media accounts and my emails and switched all my passwords. I had to delete my Facebook account, Snapchat, and it was very frightening. I was so scared and didn’t know if they knew my physical location or if they were going to stalk me or kidnap me. It was terrifying.”

She urges girls and boys out there to be cautious with social media. Get ALL the facts, don’t be shy about insisting on proof of authenticity. The bad guys out there are ready for your doubts, and they will play a very convincing game.

Remember, social media is not real life. It is full of untruths. Choose who to interact with, follow sincerity, not celebrity.

“All I could do was report them,” says Alyssa, “I had no other protection or rights of recourse. I felt so powerless and violated. When I did meet a real agent, I contacted about 30 models that purportedly were on his account, and I was very, very careful before taking the next steps. When everything checked out, I went for an interview.”

The Art Of Staying Positive

Of course, Alyssa still finds the positive in this experience. It made her question herself deeply, for some weeks, about whether she wanted to do modeling and be “vulnerable” to the public.  The outcome was that even though this had happened, she felt too strongly about wanting to model—a win for the modeling industry, and for Alyssa.

How does she stay so positive, especially with this very unstable COVID period we are going through?

“Be proactive and find a way to make an income, you can, you will. Don’t let negative thoughts become your boss,” says Alyssa. “There will always be challenges; that is what life is about from the moment you pop into it. You fight to take your first steps and fall constantly. Living in a COVID-19 world is just like the young you that fought to stand up again, all wobbly but determined. So too must you stand up to this challenge.”

“Get up at 06h00, wash your face, brush your teeth, meditate, and allow yourself time for deep thought. Eat healthily and exercise. It is vital for your mental health. It is 100% interconnected. Do what you are passionate about. I am passionate about modeling, so I am setting up a room at home that will make it possible to have shoots done at home. It’s not perfect, but it is way better than NOT having that available. COVID-19 has given us the blessing of time. Declutter your life of unwanted possessions. Declutter your mind. Follow your passion.  Reconnect with people that you have not had the time to connect with.”

To strengthen her resolve and to know that no man or woman is an island, Alyssa has chosen to follow positive people online and listen to positive podcasts.

At this stage of her new and powerful journey, she realizes that she does not have to be like the other people and does not have to win the approval of the “popular people.” From the years of surviving the relentless rejection and judgment, she has found a fiercely strong determination and has prepared her for her new chosen path.

Big dreams, small town, no problem.  Alyssa is set to soar with stars.

Follow her on Instagram. It is a real account. No faking here.

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