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The Neighborhood Talk Brings Humor Into Their Articles to Bring Smiles in Trying Times

When blogs were first introduced in the late 90s and early 2000s, they mostly consisted of diary-style text posts by expressing their innermost thoughts and opinions. While that aspect hasn’t changed, blogs today function in various ways. Some sites act as media outlets covering topics that range from world news, sports, and entertainment to local news. The Neighborhood Talk is one of the many blogs that has been covering significant events in the United States and has been on the rise.

The blog was founded by Kyle Anfernee Simpson, a professional blogger who always carried the wit and the skills to make it big as a writer. He worked for one of the biggest urban blogs globally, and he thrived as he had the freedom to bring out his full creativity. However, Kyle unexpectedly lost his job. 

When he was released, Kyle knew that it would be difficult finding another environment that gave him the creative freedom his employer did. Rather than settling for a mediocre job that he wouldn’t be happy in, Kyle decided to bet himself and decided to start a blog of his own. Taking the tools and skills he developed from his previous work Kyle started his own blog, now known as The Neighborhood Talk.

The Neighborhood Talk is an urban blog that was started only this year but has already been making waves on the web. It receives over 34 million impressions per week with over a million weekly profile visits. The Neighborhood Talk is already a favorite among celebrities.

Despite being only created very recently (over six months ago), The Neighborhood Talk has had the opportunity to be featured on several national shows like The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News, and Dish Nation. The blog even received its own segment on Fox’s Good Morning Atlanta. Kyle Anfernee himself would appear on Fox Soul’s new talk show, The Mix, where he talked about his blog.

The Neighborhood Talk isn’t like other blog sites, selective about who they get to write for them. They have been taking in college students as their writers and putting them right where they want to be. The college students working for them write and publish their own articles. They also get the opportunity to cover major Red Carpet events with high-profile celebrities. 

Another unique characteristic that The Neighborhood Talk has is their fearlessness when it comes to making captions. Kyle and his writers often try to incorporate humor into their works, giving them the spotlight and recognition. Their followers frequently point out just how funny they are, with one user saying, “Y’all are undefeated when it comes to these captions,” and another saying, “Y’all are going to get me fired from my job because I can’t stop laughing at these captions.” While they like to incorporate humor, Kyle and his writers create their content for people aged 18 and up as several topics they discuss can sometimes prove to be a little too much for the younger audience on Instagram.

The Neighborhood Talk is relatively new, but Kyle Anfernee Simpson is already looking to a future where his company becomes a household name. He also sees the blog branching out to creating video content and holding mini-shows.

To see The Neighborhood Talk’s blogs, you may visit their website.

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