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The ultimate training programs by Mr.1nf1n1ty are guaranteed to take your body to optimum levels of fitness.

One of the best known names in the fitness and wellness industry in present times is Mr.1nf1n1ty, who has been credited of giving many fitness enthusiasts the perfect results that they have always desired.

Derek “Mr.1nf1n1ty” Williams has become an epitome of fitness, with his training programs being accepted by a wide audience, due to its perfect, on target results. The idea of initiating Mr.1nf1n1ty germinated in Derek’s mind when he as an athlete who spent his life playing pro basketball and realized after a series of injuries that there was something amiss concerning the fitness levels of athletes, and wanted to create programs and training methods which would increase the fitness of individuals to superhuman levels, and with that thought process designed two fitness platforms namely “disrupting fitness” and “Mr.1nf1n1ty”, which deals in fitness articles, training methods and fitness products respectively.

“I dwelt deep into learning the minute details which go into making an individual reach ultimate, highest levels of fitness” says Mr.1nf1n1ty. He has trained the top athletes who were a part of NBA, NFL, and Olympics. He has had a major hand in building up ATG for the past 3 years, but now has discontinued and started focussing on building his own brand instead. Let’s take a sneak peek on how his training platforms work.  His website “disrupting fitness” has programs which are built to train the body and mind, namely “1nf1n1ty Flex Level-1”, which trains in body flexibility and stretching, and “God Challenge”, which focuses on enhancing your energy through mind. His other online initiative “Mr.1nf1n1ty” has products which are bound to take your energy and fitness to the next level. Many known athletes and models have benefitted from Mr1nf1n1ty’s fitness programs and products. His articles that are published on “disrupting fitness” vary on various fitness methods, training programs and mindset and are extremely informative, having a large number of fitness enthusiasts as followers.

“I feel  a lot more energetic and fit at 42, than I used to be when I was in my 20’s” says Mr.1nf1n1ty and assures the best results through his programs and products which would help you achieve longevity, resulting in ultimate levels of health and fitness, turning you into no lesser than a ‘Superhuman’.

To know more about Mr.1nf1n1ty log on to www.Mr.1nf1n1ty .com or www. You can also get in touch with him through his Instagram profile@Mr.1nf1n1ty.

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