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Juris Bruvers – This 17 year old entrepreneur has swept the digital world with his skills as a social media influencer.

He rules the roost in today’s times, with him being one of the most popular faces who fans adore.

Gone are the days of traditional advertising where one had to spend huge amounts without getting proper track of whether their product or service was reaching the right target audience. With the growing use of internet, the online medium has become a favourite destination for many individuals and businesses to showcase themselves to a larger customer base that goes beyond geographical limitations. In such a scenario the presence of a known face who acts as a link between the customer and the advertiser is gaining prominence. They influence the audiences minds and their decision making capabilities in a strong manner and are popularly known as social media influencers. One such face who has made his influencing skills work amazingly is Juris Brevers.

Juris hails from Riga, Latvia, and his entrepreneurial journey started by chance, when he as a teen would spend hours on the internet playing games and kept posting videos of himself, which attracted a lot of interest amongst game lovers and his online followers started increasing in hordes. His popularity was at its peak and that rung an idea in his mind to start promoting online for a fee. What started with $1 reached $10 in no time, and as they say, rest is history.

Today, Juris is a popular social media influencer who has helped many through his influencing skills. He has been supporting many aspiring individuals who want to step into this field. “I just don’t work for money, I work to build relationships. I want to satisfy clients through my quality services and give them optimum results.” says Juris. He credits his close friends and family for supporting him throughout his journey and is ever inspired by Vera Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro, who have stood by him, and guided him towards success. This young entrepreneur-social media influencer’s story is truly inspiring and motivational to its core.

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