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Business Ambassador CHADD BLACK Named President of Global HF Marketing & Creative Direction at Holistic Freedom Brand!

The Skin Care Queen & CEO of Holistic Freedom ASIJA WILTZ, welcomes Marketing Maven CHADD BLACK to the Executive Board of Holistic Freedom just in time for a dynamic 2021!

All the brands and companies that we hear about today have risen to the top in their respective fields not just because of the trends they have followed, or strategies they have created, but most importantly their focus on roping in the best professionals, who bring in their own expertise in making the brand bigger and more successful. The skincare brands of the world have always strived to provide something different in their products that can attract more customers and Holistic Freedom tops the list of such brands. This Houston, Texas-based skincare brand is originated by a black entrepreneur named Asija Wiltz and is now associating with black experts and influencers as well to take the brand to the next level.

Chadd Black, a popular musical artist and phenomenon in the world of arts and entertainment, is also famous as the branding king as he has been doing exceedingly well in the business industry. This has led Holistic Freedom to rope in Chadd Black as its President of Global Marketing and Creative Direction. Chadd Black has impressed audiences with his songs in the music scene of America and has also proved his excellence in the business industry with his branding skills. This has allowed him to take centre stage at Holistic Freedom, becoming the President of the brand’s marketing and creative aspects.

There is no dearth of skincare brands in the vast beauty and wellness markets; however, Holistic Freedom still manages to bowl over customers with its one of a kind products that is instilled with love, care and a great vision to provide the best skincare experiences to customers. This proves the team’s passion and determination behind making this brand a prominent name in the industry.

By joining hands with Chadd Black, the brand shows how driven it is to associate with talented professionals like the singer, entertainer and branding king to take their brand to the next level by working upon the marketing and creative direction of the skincare brand to better reach people and expand their presence in the market.

A Word From Holistic Freedom CEO, ASIJA WILTZ and New President Of Marketing, CHADD BLACK:

“We are proudly based and homegrown here in the great city of Houston, Texas yet we are excited about servicing the masses! Yes, That includes you! We are still building this Brand, Brick By Brick. With every purchase and recommendation to a friend and or someone in need of a Skin Care breakthrough, you are contributing to that. We’ve made it our daily business to help heal and maintain the Beauty that is within your skin by way of Nature, as our products are all natural and safe for any case, race and condition! We appreciate you and your business!”

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