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Eighty Six Delivers Flavors from Fruits, Cereal and Creative Imagination in Between.

When it comes to your overall knowledge of the cannabis plant, there are two major cannabinoids that have long-dominated the industry.  THC, or delta-9 THC, are your traditional marijuana products typically purchased through at a dispensary.  CBD, the second-most popular cannabinoid, can be purchased nationwide as oils, topicals, and gummies.  While both major cannabinoids have their strengths and associated weaknesses, there exists a minor cannabinoid, called delta-8 THC, that takes its strength from both delta-9 THC and CBD, allowing you to legally get high without a worry in the world!

Yes, you heard that right – you can legally get high with Delta-8 THC regardless of where in the United States you happen to live.

With Eighty Six Brand’s premium Delta-8 THC product line, you can now legally delta-8 THC online without any limitations on how much you can possess and where or when you can consume it.  Originally entering the market towards the tail end of 2020 with five strains, Eighty Six has caught the attention of the masses with its flavor-infused, potent and pure delta-8 distillate.

Why Is the Method in Which You Enjoy Delta-8 Important?

When it comes to your overall experience of delta-8 THC, the typical method in which you’d enjoy the cannabinoid is by vaping it through a pre-filled cartridge powered by a battery.  Now, you must have heard of the faux cartridge scandal of 2019, where counterfeit cartridges of major cannabis brands included toxic carcinogens, sending people en masse to the hospital.  Given the now-widespread distrust in vaporized products, it’s now more important than ever to ensure the highest possible safety and quality when it comes to vaping anything!

Eighty Six Brand addresses this issue by filling its premium delta-8 THC products in Authentic CCELL® Hardware.  CCELL is the industry leader in food and medical grade materials, guaranteed for the highest hygienic standard while still maintaining its excellent vapor and flavor production.

Why Are Flavors in Your Delta-8 Distillate Important?

There are other delta-8 THC brands out there that simply add their distillate into a cartridge and call it a day.  The associated experience might go in one of two ways:

  1. You don’t mind the taste of natural distillate so you continue to vape delta-8.
  2. You absolutely hate the taste of natural distillate so you’re forever turned off to delta-8.

The Eighty Six team falls under category two.  While there is nothing particularly wrong with the taste of distillate, it’s not something to look forward to when it comes to elevating your mind with such a powerful cannabinoid.  By infusing food-grade terpenes into the distillate, your experience increases tenfold.  From blueberries to cereal, and everything you can possibly imagine in between, the inclusion of flavors in your distillate is paramount to your enjoyment of delta-8!

Exploring Eighty Six Brand’s Strains

Blue Dream Delta-8 Cartridge

Blue Dream, being one of the most iconic strains to ever exist, is a delicious and sweet blueberry pie.  After a few short puffs, you can expect to feel an initial rush of increased productivity and creative energy.

Do-Si-Dos Delta-8 Cartridge

Reminiscent of the iconic Girl Scouts cookie, Do-Si-Dos tastes like a sweet, earthy, and floral cookie.  The in-your-face body high is paired with an electrifying finish that keeps you in limbo between happy, creative, and relaxed.

Fruity Pebbles OG Delta-8 Cartridge

Quite literally the perfect wake and bake breakfast time classic, Fruity Pebbles OG tastes exactly as it sounds.  The energetic bowl of sweet and sugary goodness starts you off with a relaxing and calm body high before blasting you off into a euphoric bout of creativity.

Purple Punch Delta-8 Cartridge

One of the heavier strains out there, Purple Punch is a fruity medley of earthy blueberries paired with plump grapes.  The couch is sure to become your best friend as your body sinks further and further into a state of deep relaxation.

Strawberry Cough Delta-8 Cartridge

Strawberry Cough is a sweet California strawberry, complete with notes of sweet and juicy goodness.  The experience delivers a highly cerebral and uplifting aura to keep you productive, creative, and energetic.

Where Can I Find Eighty Six Brand Delta-8 Cartridges

As mentioned above, delta-8 products are legal in most states.  Therefore, you are likely to find these products at your local smoke shop.  And if it’s not available there, you can shop online directly off Eighty Six Brand’s website.  For added peace of mind, Eighty Six tests each batch of its products using third-party laboratories, ensuring that the delta-8 cannabinoid is abundant in the finished product and anything that shouldn’t be in there is not.  We hope you give delta-8 a try, and if you do, try it with the best, Eighty Six Brand.

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