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Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui :A triumphant Entreprenur with multitudinous transaction

Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui  was born in a pleasant  family .His  dad was the director of the IRS for 15 years and then held up some governmental positions in the past and his mom who is the daughter of one of the most foremost  business owners in the north of morocco. He was always kind of significant   between choosing a political career or going for business. As time started going he  started to discover the hidden aspect of his  personality and began to explore them.

One of them is that he  decided to start working out at age 16, there he discovered his  passion for athletic activities and also realize how important it was to keep his mental health up to check. This led him to choose different paths from the people that were near  him at the time, for high school student his main path was to finish his high school degree head out to France dear bachelors degree then his masters then go back home to work with daddy and mommy. He had a very  much is in talking with strangers and people and try to motivate them over something that was going to make their life change for the better. That moment he felt like he  was genetically gifted to become a leader because of the so much ease he had to command people and guide them through.

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT : He is  been working in real estate since  he remember himself  working since this was the core activity of his mother’s business at the time. Real Estate has always been present and it will always be, it’s a matter of succession and of family history.

AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY : He  have a cartel over all car concessions in the north part of morocco owning more than seven big brands with the market capitalization in the region that’s exceeding 85%. He  has a plan before 2030 to have one of the biggest electrical chargers factories in morocco to start producing electrical fast chargers and exporting them to the world.

ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SCHOOLS:  It’s always good to diversify they say, 2018 He started to embark with a friend of his that lives in Hong Kong called Elite World alpha trading, the school that’s located in Dubai allows high school students to come and learn about trading the students. It was a very triumphant  idea and helped many people understand the real meaning of trading .

IT AND TECHNOLOGY : He has launched Drive Box which is a unique tablet project aimed at increasing advertising presence amongst customers .

HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY With this Covid wave he took the chance  to import many of the products that were available in China and other parts of the world and distributed them over the local populations  in Morocco, he imported masks, gloves Covid tests and all types of Covid related items that were needed in the rush of the crisis, turned out to be a very flourishing  event.

MANAGING RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL RENT : On one of the main activities he is  doing for the rest of his life is managing residential and commercial rentals, Yassine  along with his  brother owning more than 2000 properties that are rented .

TOURISM INDUSTRY / LUXURY CONCIERGE SERVICE When it comes to the tourism industry we own company called Global Elite Team that does Luxury concierge services around the world we have services available in more than nine countries and 27 different cities.

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