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Mariam Elhouli, the founder of Eve’s Skin, shares her words of wisdom.

She talks about 10 things she could tell her teenage self.

There are so many guides, books, websites, etc. that today promise people to help them in life by teaching them certain essential things. People all over the world also seek guidance from these books or from people as well for getting a clearer picture for themselves in their life. However, nothing beats the words of wisdom from entrepreneurs who have made it in their respective industries. Coming forward today is Mariam Elhouli, the founder of Eve’s Skin, a sought-after Australian super skincare brand with handmade products that are 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free, who shares her words of wisdom to people and through the same shares 10 things that she could tell her teenage self.

  1. Stop being impulsive and think before you act: Mariam Elhouli says that people need to stop taking decisions so impulsively in life as most of the times they do not lead anywhere. Teenagers especially must think before doing anything, so that they don’t have to regret later.
  2. Never ever expect anything in return: Many people fall into the trap of expecting too much from others. However, Eve’s Skin’s head honcho says that people must never do that, not even to people they are close to.
  3. The sun always comes up the next day: As teenagers, we may face many struggles, the solutions to which we may not have at that time, but Mariam Elhouli says that one must always have the faith that the sun always comes up the next day and be positive in life.
  4. Losing loved ones is inevitable: Along the path of reaching somewhere in life, losing loved ones is inevitable, points out Mariam Elhouli. But, one cannot sit back and lose hope; he/she must get up and keep moving on their path to reach their goals anyway.
  5. Time is the biggest healer: Indeed, time heals everything, says Mariam Elhouli. It will teach the biggest lessons in life and take out a person’s best versions.
  6. Make mistakes to learn: It is okay to fail sometimes as that helps people to get on the ground and understand and learn many things which they might not otherwise. Hence, Mariam Elhouli says to make mistakes to learn new things and grow as individuals.
  7. Your mom’s your true best friend: Mariam Elhouli says that people need to understand the importance of their parents in their life and when it comes to mothers, they must know that they can be their true best friend in life and finding a friend in a mother can turn out be the best decision for a person.
  8. Money buys items but not loyalty: Many teenagers get blown away by earning opportunities and the money that comes with it. However, Mariam Elhouli says that they must understand that money can only buy items and not loyalty. To gain loyalty from people, one needs to be a loyal person himself.
  9. Who you mix with is what your life will end up becoming: It is important to be aware of who do you surround yourself with. The person one mixes with is usually the life they will end up creating. Hence, the ace entrepreneur says to be aware of the gang one chooses to be a part of.
  10. You can do anything: If one sets a mindset for success and winning, no odds can ever be big enough to stop that person from achieving his/her goals. She says individuals can do anything they put their mind to.

Mariam Elhouli confesses that if she could have told the above-mentioned points to her teenage self, she would have understood life faster and more deeply. Nevertheless, the kind of woman entrepreneur she has become can be attributed to the several life challenges and hurdles she passed to reach where she is today as the owner of a sought-after super skincare brand Eve’s Skin.

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