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This Montreal, Canadian Entrepreneur Marc Angelo Coppola marketing guru and consultant helping people with his Podcasts storytelling.

This Montreal, Canadian Entrepreneur is a good learner talented entrepreneur, Marc Angelo Coppola, has carved a niche for himself by using unconventional methods through his various initiatives.

The Internet has given massive space to showcase our talent and learn new things in life. It gives a tremendous opportunity to people who have amazing skills, discipline, and hard work for a long time. It has changed the way people do business. You can say it is now one step ahead from the last decade or so. 

We all with a surge of technology podcasts are among the most advanced components recognized to give many entrepreneurs and specialists a much-needed boost, which was earlier missing. 

Podcasts helped people to share their points and ideas. Marc Angelo Coppola is creating lots of buzz in Canada because of his Podcasts and multiple businesses. He is working hard for the community utilizing technology rightly for helping people who are in need. Marc Angelo loves to encourage talented people; he feels it needs just one good hour to get that energy back of a down and out person. With his storytelling and podcasts, he makes a huge impact on Canadian people and others worldwide. 

Marc Angelo is known for his online school ‘Superhero Academy’. He runs podcasts that educate and drive individuals to be effective and motivate the world through their actions.

 The main idea is to mentor promising entrepreneurs, encourage them to turn their passion into a profit-making venture. Through his unique podcasts, Marc Angelo enables individuals to do work, which would inspire others. 

Top podcaster of Canada also co-owns ‘Valhalla Farms’, in which he is the sales and marketing director, though this post doesn’t shy him away from doing his jobs as a farmer. 

Once we asked him what’s the purpose behind starting this venture? He said “We always wanted to create a powerful community of entrepreneurs, creative minds and influencers to join hands and create a space of their dreams for themselves.

With this concept, he brought his ideas into reality, and Valhalla farm was founded. It is spread over 80 acres, and they aim to luxuriate in regenerative agriculture and storytelling” says Marc Angelo.

Marc Angelo’s podcasts are available on YouTube, iTunes, and many other online streaming platforms. To know more about him visit, or we aim on Instagram @marcangelocoppola.

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