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Investor Daniel Philip Expanding Atlas Distribution in Brazil | Challenging Supply Chain Complexities in The Latin Market with CEO’s Pedro and Flavio

Despite the country’s economic crisis, Brazil’s ecommerce market continues to be one of the biggest in Latin America and the world with over 150 million internet users from a total population of more than 209 million. The country is the 5th biggest in terms of area and population and the 4th largest internet market globally. Although retail growth is slowly declining amidst the global and domestic crisis in the country, e-commerce has been stabilizing Brazil’s economy, creating opportunities for retailers to tap into the online market adding value which is currently showing a positive growth trend for incoming years. Increasing revenue by 12%, with over 58 million e-consumers spending BRL 53.2 billion on the web. 

With a multitude of demand in logistics and distribution for both domestic and international brands, supply chain complexities is one of the biggest challenges the country is facing. Beating the scarcity of supply with the demand and complexities in the market is what Atlas Creative Group Brazil is aiming to challenge with its launch. 

Investor Daniel Philip has several logistics and distribution sites all around the world in various continents. A few in Asia, Europe, South East Asia, South Asia, North America and now tapping into Latin America. Atlas Creative Group is a Holdings, Logistics and Distribution corporation that builds, acquires and sells global brands. E-commerce brands that are mainly focused on B2C acquisitions consisting of luxury international designer products. There’s a surge of demand for these items in Latin America and that’s why Investor and Creative Designer Daniel Philip has partnered with Pedro and Flavio CEOs of ACG Brazil to meet the demands of the market and provide a faster distribution system which is scarce in the market due to complexities with its rules and regulations. Atlas Creative Group Brazil will not only be the main logistics and distribution hub in Latin America, it will also create jobs for people across the country as the team is tapping into sales and marketing as their long term goal.

Unemployment rates have increased as major small and medium businesses are taking a hard hit from the global decline. There are a great extent of professionals in need of opportunities to put food on the table. Atlas Brazil aims to tackle the ever growing unemployment problem evident in the vast land. Employing various remote and in-house sales and marketing staff in different locations to boost revenue and visibility. Not only will this help the community in the financial aspect but also contribute to safety and security as the crime rate in the country has skyrocketed as well not to mention the pandemic has reached an all time high from 2020.

Brazil is a challenging environment in terms of managing a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) supply chain because of its structural, geographical, political and practical logistical complexities. The vast area and prevalent population mean that the distribution of goods is fragmented across many channels. Distributing to remote local areas makes fragmentation across channels unavoidable. Adding more cost and restraints in operating a CPG supply chain. 

However, businessmen Daniel Philip, Pedro, Flavio deems that difficult operating conditions don’t constrain ACG’s performance in the market and have various plans outlined in combating the complexities of the area. Their main office will be located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo Brazil. Known as the financial, economic, and cultural center district of the country. Therefore, making it a prime location for distribution and logistics avoiding various constraints set out by different entities. According to Daniel Philip on a zoom meeting he had with CEO Pedro: 

“There are a multitude of solutions we have available to negate Brazil’s underlying market and social difficulties and will implement sustainable practices all across the border that will help attain higher levels of distribution service without worrying about profitability and growth despite the turbulent times the country is experiencing. Launching Atlas Distribution in the Latin Market will create more opportunities for the company in the long run such as gaining market shares and consumer trust and goodwill. Therefore, expanding to Brazil is a crucial part of the growth of the  corporation”

Pedro also highlighted during their zoom meeting;

“The market has an overpowering demand for international luxury designer products especially now when the E-com market has increased in a short span of time. Therefore, launching a good centralized logistics and distribution warehouse in the country is necessary not just for our corporation but for businesses that have low supply of distribution capabilities and resources. Not to mention the difficult complexities of the rules and regulation set forth the supply chain in the industry. Atlas Distribution aims to expand to tap into B2B and not just the B2C market. Helping local and international CPG companies of all sizes with logistics and distribution in the market. Daniel Philip and I have been working together in setting up the corporation. Having consistent zoom meetings to outline a powerful and successful launch”

2021 is a big year for Atlas Creative Group. Not only are they expanding to retail opening their first ever shop located in Canggu, Bali Indonesia amidst the pandemic, the corporation is also tapping into the Latin Market, launching their first ever logistics and distribution company called Atlas Distribution Brazil. Helping the scarcity while challenging the complexities not a lot are willing to tap into. The company prides itself in the people in the community that contributed and continues to contribute with the success of the business. A community where all things are possible instilling great practices and values in the workplace.

Atlas Creative Group is a growing community that’s constantly looking for modern, unusual, unconventional, unpredictable, crazy ideas and suggestions all around the world from individuals who are motivated and passionate about their own self-growth whether you wanna be a CEO or tap into sales and marketing. It’s a creative community that’s constantly presenting opportunities. 
Leading a big community is not a one-man show, there are so many factors that come with that responsibility and that’s why having unity, trust, belief, discipline, and persistence are fundamental values that are crucial in maintaining the growth of the business. If you’re looking to learn from Daniel or partner with him to start your own venture or scale your commerce business, be sure to send Daniel a message and get started.

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