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A New Type of Cannabis Marketing

Our story begins in 2019 while working in a CBD shop in San Antonio, Texas. We quickly realized that there are vast differences in the quality of CBD that could be found around the city. Some places had great flowers and tinctures while others had very low quality for the same price or oftentimes more expensive. This observation led to our first Cannabis marketing venture, CBDHempLibrary, we started that company as a way to differentiate between what is good quality and what is not. Our initial motivation was to be the quality control for an industry that desperately needed it. We oftentimes had people tell us about their bad experiences with CBD and how they felt ripped off. Next, we made it our mission to highlight the best the industry has to offer and provide a service to those who need it most. While it was a great start for what was to come we also realized that the issue of quality control and marketing could be found across the Cannabis spectrum. This gave us the idea to expand into both markets, CBD and THC. We are now The Cannabis Library and have worked with many major companies across multiple states and markets.

With The Cannabis Library, we have begun our expansion into all things cannabis marketing. We host the first cannabis travel show that highlights all the different aspects of each cannabis market such as Oklahoma, Colorado, and California. With each place comes a new set of rules and guidelines and we make it our mission to break down how the market works and highlight the people who are creating the culture in each city or state. Our show is called The Cannabis Road Show and our first episode highlights the Oklahoma market. With new episodes already in the works that look to highlight all of the different aspects of each legal market. With our experience, we have learned all the difficulties that arise when trying to create and market a cannabis business and we are looking to fill that void by highlighting the best dispensaries and products in each market.

Lastly, as a part of our quality control initiative we have released our brand of Delta 8 THC products, Legally Lifted. Delta 8 THC has taken the country by storm and with each new product comes more risk and quality variance, so we realized that the best way to ensure quality is to release a line of products that we enjoy and believe in. Legally Lifted was created using the industry connections we gained throughout our time working in Hemp.

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