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Here’s one person who connects with people through food – Chef Kolby Kash.

He has become renowned for his culinary skills. His high standards have set a new paradigm within the food and beverages industry.

Which profession do you want to take up when you grow up? This question has been heard a thousand times asked by people around you during your wonder years, and probably you would’ve had different answers like a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot or an actor, but never must you have had answered a chef, isn’t it? Whether you were unaware of the profession or you must’ve felt that’s not the career which gives much fame or money, but you’re wrong as today, many chefs around the world have established their careers and are doing exceptionally well. They are known for their excellent cooking skills and have made a name for themselves on a global platform. We have amidst us one such chef who with his unique approach to curating recipes has enthralled one and all, he is Chef Kolby Kash.

29 year old, Chef Kash hails from Houston, and his cooking skills are perfect to the ‘T’, people who have had the privilege to try his unique offerings can vouch for it. He was born with a fiery passion and immense liking for food and today stands amongst the best chefs we have around whose cooking has found a humongous follower base of more than a lakh on social media. Fans love the way he brings to them his everyday cooking casually with friends and family. Chef Kash is hot property right now owing to his enthusiastic yet commanding approach to curating recipes which has already won a million hearts. He has become a household name today, and one can proudly say that he has become one of the most popular chefs in the US whose reach spans across borders.

Recently, he has compiled a collection of exclusive recipes for his fans through his cook book debut, named ‘The Culture’s Newest Cook; Volume 1’. “this is just the beginning and more series of cook books are planned to be released in the near future,” says Chef Kash.

To know more, visit his website

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