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Meet Brian Kelly & Sean Koski of Ticket2Events

Although traveling amid a pandemic sounds like a daunting task, the recent data shows an uptick for travelers overall. As we grow closer to the summer of 2021 it’s clear that more are willing to take the risk associated with the reward of new horizons. With virtual access to and a seemingly endless supply of the current travel content, it’s near impossible to resist that itch we get whenever enticed enough to be bitten by the travel bug!
At our fingertips exists an extensive list of hashtags and geotags that help discover the globe through so many viewpoints it’s almost impossible to see them all without falling down a rabbit hole. Unexpectedly, some of the most interesting resources to explore are operated by those who have forayed their way into this space due to the pandemic overall. With in-person event production on a permanent hiatus, the celebrity event
planners of @ticket2events, Brian Kelly and Sean Koski, are taking their newfound freedom to new heights with a digital invitation for all to enjoy their travel adventures as they unfold.

The dynamic duo that’s worth a follow, @officialbriankelly & @seankoskii have been traveling to the beat of a tropical drum with content shares from destinations like Puerto Rico and Delray Beach. At a short glance one may consider their shared following of 30k to be overlooked yet considering the combined force of followers they cultivate as guests join these trips, there’s no surprise to find out how a million + followers are in the world they continue to create. Adding excitement to their digital events curated through planned social shares have been familiar faces we’ve seen along the way like Housewives of Dallas star @LeeAnneLocken and life coach extraordinaire @TiffanyHendra. While they’re on a tour of various destinations, viewers are encouraged to follow along and interact overall to help drive the conversations when en route and on location.

Included in their content are insights to making the travel experience effortless at any rate including a nod to that luxury service expected when attending one of their red carpet events, something Brian Kelly and Sean Koski of Ticket2events, are known to provide. Although there’s very limited information regarding their upcoming travels, they aren’t shy to mention the list of things to watch for including the Dreams resort in Tulum and more familiar faces along with the adventures like Kristen Taekman @Kristentaekman and Jasmine Tosh @Jasmine_Tosh.

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