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Giving the throne of success to clients as the top PR and consulting firm is Thrown Media by Lizzy Molina.

It is an independent PR and consulting firm that thrives on storytelling and brand promotions.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people, the emergence of female entrepreneurs across sectors and industries have made the most headlines. The way women have broken the shackles of society, questioned norms and stood strong in the face of adversities in the business world is something that is spreading more inspiration and motivation in many other women out there who fear taking the first step towards doing something of their choice. We will be talking about one such high-performing woman who believed in her visions and without getting affected by the male dominance across many fields; she decided to dive deeper into entrepreneurship and create something she could take pride in all her life while making others successful as well; she is Lizzy Molina, who is the brain behind one of the most highly buzzing and prominent PR and consulting firms in the US named Thrown Media.

It is a one of a kind company that makes sure to create winning marketing strategies and branding campaigns that provides their variety of clients, including celebs and athletes, with the tools they need to build their future opportunities. It offers PR and media production, including creating docu-series, micro-series, podcast, music videos, also keeping the focus on visual storytelling. It has become a popular all-inclusive boutique agency in the US that creates compelling media content and thrives on brand promotions and storytelling. It has excelled beyond boundaries with creating and executing digital media across various multimedia channels. Their creation of video narratives goes ahead in striking a chord with the audiences, ultimately increasing more buzz around them.

Lizzy Molina says that she feels proud about the fact that they are a team of award-winning creatives from videographers, photographers, editors, copywriters, producers, publicists, social media experts, and more. They craft their client’s stories into masterpieces, which has made them a distinguished marketing agency, providing a unique menu of services, producing content not found anywhere else.

This year, she is all excited about finishing the production and distribution of “Remaining Relevant,” a documentary series produced by Thrown Media for a famous interior design client. Lizzy Molina will also be directing and producing content for two-time NBA All-Star Andre Drummond. And, to top that, Thrown Media is in the works of having their very own reality show backed by HBO, which is in pre-production. In addition to this, they are also launching an E-course masterclass on Marketing / Branding and PR. Recently, Lizzy Molina took the position of Chief Marketing Officer with Acumen Media.

Do find out more about Thrown Media by visiting their website,

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