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“The Moment I Heard His Voice, I Knew He Was My Soulmate” Natasha Grano Finds The Love Of Her Life On Audio App Clubhouse

Someone once very justly said that love could help you get through anything and can make you do things you never ever imagined. We guess we saw the living proof in a noteworthy couple named Michael Graziano and Natasha Grano. These two powerful professionals are powerful lovers to each other today. One from the UK and the other from Canada, both met on Clubhouse, known for hosting people in the audio app in groups. Michael Graziano, who is already a well-recognized entrepreneur with his PR firm named Mindful Media and the youngest Canadian to have visited all the 193 UN Nations worldwide, impressed Natasha Grano, an influential public figure, mindset coach, and the #1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world on Clubhouse through a podcast. No one had ever envisaged that a podcast could change so many things for two individuals that ultimately, it would lead them to decide to get married to each other.

Michael Graziano, who is a world traveller, had no inch of an idea that out of all the places in the world, Clubhouse would be a place he would meet the love of his life. fortune has played a ginormous role in their love story, bringing two powerful personalities together on a digital platform and now getting them married on the same platform soon. All this does look like a fairy tale wedding for us, with the swivel of a modern-day romance on a digital platform.
Both of them have procured tremendous name and recognition for co-hosting Clubhouse’s largest events with interviews with the likes of bestselling authors, thought leaders and co-founders of prominent brands and companies. “Manifest Your Lover” is the private mastermind group that they co-host with hundreds of people, including respectable personalities. 

The Clubhouse couple is looking forward to their Clubhouse wedding and so is everyone else. Their galvanizing romance that made headlines is now taking its next step as a wedding on the audio app and we can’t keep calm.

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