Angelina Jolie made an unexpected appearance in Lviv, Ukraine on Saturday, as reported by the BBC. She was spotted in a coffee shop in the western city roughly 40 miles from the Polish border.

In a video posted to Facebook by journalist Mayya Podgorodetskaya, Jolie is seen smiling in a billowy gray sweater and signing an autograph for a fan. 

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Podgorodetskaya’s caption was translated by Insider to read, “I just went to have a coffee, and it’s only Angelina Jolie. Ukraine is simply supported by the entire world.”

In addition to grabbing a cup of Joe, Jolie “met with orphaned and displaced children,” according to a report from NBC News. Her spokesman said the intention of her visit was to “bear witness to the human impact of the conflict, and to support the civilian population.”

In a statement obtained by the news outlet, the actress and activist said that “the impact the war is having on a generation of Ukrainian children is devastating to see.” She added that, “no child anywhere should have to flee their homes, or witness the murder of their loved ones, or experience shelling and the destruction of their homes. Yet that is the reality of so many children in Ukraine and around the world.”

Jolie is no stranger to global strife, particularly in Eastern Europe. In 2012, she was named a Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) “after years of dedicated service.” Her first narrative feature film as a director, In The Land of Blood and Honey, was set during the Balkan War and shot in Hungary with a cast comprised entirely from former Yugoslavian countries. 

In March of this year, Jolie also visited Yemen to “to aid refugees from the country’s ongoing civil war,” according to CBS News. 

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