Emily Ratajkowski is planning on growing her family, with or without a romantic partner.

The model revealed in a subscriber-only Q&A with her fans that she hopes to give her son Sylvester a sibling in the future. When asked about raising children without a father in the picture, she replied, “I thought about this a lot. A lot of my friends have gotten their eggs frozen just to buy themselves some more time, do the careers they want, meet the potential partner they want, but also I know a lot of people had IVF because they weren’t able to get pregnant naturally.” She went on to explain that, during a recent doctor’s appointment, the topic of freezing her eggs came up. “My [mother] naturally got pregnant with me at 38 so it never crossed my mind that part of it,” Ratajkowski explained. “I think I definitely would like to have more children—I really love being a mom. I’m not sure I’m going to find somebody that I want to raise a child with.”

The My Body author went on to share that, “A friend of mine—a very famous friend with many sisters—when I told her I was getting divorced, was like, ‘Don’t worry, like, guys are not deterred by you having a child.’ And guess what? She was right.” Ratajkowski shares her two-year-old son with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. The pair divorced in July 2022 after four years of marriage. The Gone Girl star explained that she hasn’t struggled to get a date since the split because, “In general, it’s not like guys are like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t wanna be a stepdad’—that’s too much pressure. I’m so sorry to say this—men think with their dicks. And they’re just not that advanced.” She added, “Like a woman would be like, ‘I don’t even know if I can go on a first date with this guy – he has two kids.’ Guys are just not there. So they’ll be in love with you and they’ll be like, ‘Oh shit, she has two kids—guess I’m a stepdad.’ I’m not saying, like, that’s good, I’m just saying don’t worry about that. That shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether you have a child or not on your own because they’re just not thinking like that.”

Ratajkowski concluded, “I want to be careful about how I say this because I think that having two people raise a child can be really important. I think that, you know, having a father is important. But I also just want to say that I know quite a few women who have done it on their own and they’ve done incredible jobs and they are fantastic mothers and they have wonderful kids, and I personally have really liked parenting on my own. So I, personally, wouldn’t be afraid of getting pregnant and giving birth as a single woman.”


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