Florence Pugh Embraces Her Inner Donkey Sauce

Flavortown, as we all well know, is less an actual place, more a way of life. We just didn’t know that fashion icon, actor, and all-around delight Florence Pugh was a citizen.

Pugh showed off her funkalicious side Thursday on her Instagram story, captioning a photo of herself and her freshly watched bleach-blonde buzzcut, “Sometimes when I get out the shower I look like Guy Fieri and I love it.”

On the next slide, she continued her homage to the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host, though she couldn’t help letting her affinity for goofy puns shine.

“Just saying, could be the new mayor of flavour town,” she captioned another shot of her spiky ‘do, accessorized with some admittedly Fieri-esque black-and-gold cateye sunglasses. “Or should I say…’Flo’ver town.”

Pugh recently shared that she shaved her head as a way to control her image, saying, “Vanity is gone.” In its place? Maybe Fieri’s signature condiment, Donkey Sauce. There is no beauty standard, only Donkey Sauce.

With the confidence of an incumbent who has successfully lobbied every power player in Flavortown and knows he has the next mayoral election on lock, Fieri himself shared his young doppelganger’s image on his own Instagram story Friday, captioning it, “You’re crushin’ it.”

The whole thing is, as they (Fieri, “they” is Fieri) say, off the chain.

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