There are many questions surrounding George Santos, the New York congressman who was indicted in May on more than a dozen federal charges, including wire fraud, money laundering, and stealing public funds. Questions like: When did he first decide to lie about four of his firm’s employees losing their lives in the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting, and his mother being in the south tower on 9/11? Or: How does he sleep at night having allegedly swindled thousands of dollars meant to go toward surgery for a disabled vet’s dying dog? And: Did he really think anyone was going to believe he was a male model or a volleyball star at Baruch College?

But last month, after Santos was released on a $500,000 bail bond following his indictment, another pressing question emerged: Who are the three people that put up the half a million to make that happen? Santos, for his part, does not want the identities of these people revealed—so much so that he reportedly told a judge that he would rather go to jail than have their names be made public. And that could very well happen, if he doesn’t comply with a court order.

Per The Guardian:

The Republican congressman and serial fabulist George Santos has until Friday to appeal an order to reveal the identities of three people who guaranteed his $500,000 bond on fraud charges, a New York judge said on Tuesday. A lawyer for Santos had said identification of the guarantors would imperil their “health, safety and wellbeing,” and claimed the New York congressman would rather go to prison than reveal the names.

“My client would rather surrender to pre-trial detainment than subject these suretors to what will inevitably come,” the lawyer, Joseph Murray, wrote to the judge on Monday.

After pleading not guilty last month, Santos, invoking another famous liar, claimed the charges against him are part of a “witch hunt,” adding: “I’m going to fight my battle, I’m going to fight the witch hunt, I’m going to take care of clearing my name.” Among other delusions, the freshman congressman apparently believes he has a shot at winning a second term.

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Gather round, kids, and listen to Uncle Donny’s latest life tip:

Many say don’t “punch down” when talking about people like Chris Sununu, “Sloppy” Chris Christie, “Aida” [Asa] Hutchinson, or others, but sometimes it’s necessary to talk badly about those that, for no reason other than politics, speak badly about you. You have to put them in proper perspective, you have to put them in their place!

We assume this piece of advice will be included in Trump’s next self-help book.

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