The House Judiciary Committee met Thursday to go through a package of gun control legislation that Democrats are hoping to pass (and which will of course be voted down in the Senate). How did the proceedings go? About exactly as everyone expected, if everyone expected House Republicans to trot out bad-faith arguments for why stricter gun laws won’t solve America’s mass-shooting problem, claim to deeply care about children despite robust evidence to the contrary, and, in the case of one elected official, brandish a bunch of actual guns in his colleague’s faces over a video chat.

Yes, Florida representative Greg Steube used his time on Thursday to wave his personal gun collection around while ranting about how the proposed laws would ban the specific firearms he happens to own. Of course, while Republicans would like people to believe Democrats want to make all guns illegal, that obviously is not the case. In reality, lawmakers who care about doing something about mass shootings have called for things like banning high-capacity ammunition magazines and raising the age at which one can purchase certain semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21. In other words, Steube wouldn’t be prevented from owning a gun, which he says he carries “every single day” in order to “protect myself, my family, my wife, my home,” he might just have to go out and buy different ones, and be slightly inconvenienced. And that’s apparently too great a trade to prevent other people’s children from being killed.

“Right here in front of me, I have a Sig Sauer P226,” Steube informed the audience, holding up the weapon. “It comes with a 21-round magazine. This gun would be banned.” He then demonstrated that a smaller magazine would not fit “because this gun was made for a 21-round magazine.” Then he held up a bunch of other guns and made the same point, prompting Democratic representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas to interject, “I hope the gun is not loaded.”

“I’m at my house,” Steube snapped. “I can do whatever I want with my guns.”


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Elsewhere during the hearing, which Steube tuned into remotely, perhaps in order to spend more quality time with his guns, Congressman Jim Jordan used his time to flat out lie to the public:

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Representative Ken Buck claimed his constituents need a weapon that can fire 400 rounds per minute to kill raccoons:


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