Ivanka Trump Ominously Wishes Her Father “the Happiness You Deserve” on His Birthday

Ivanka Trump has been conspicuously distancing herself from her father for many months now but on Wednesday, the former first daughter took to Instagram to publicly wish him a happy birthday, multi-photo slideshow and all. Yet if you know anything about what’s been going on in the ex-president’s life of late, legally speaking, the caption may have struck you as…hilariously sinister at best.

“Happy Birthday, Dad,” Ivanka wrote. “You are the most incredible father. Your love, energy and strength inspire me every day. Wishing you a year filled with the happiness you deserve.”

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Given that there’s a nonzero chance her father will be sentenced to time in prison during this or the next year around the sun, writing that she hopes he gets the happiness he deserves sounds less like a birthday wish and more like a warning from the Mafia. But hey, maybe she meant it sincerely! It’s not as though the former first daughter won’t even be seen in public with the guy.

In other birthday messages, Donald Trump Jr. posted a simple “Happy Birthday!!! #birthday” on Instagram, while his fiancée wrote, “Happy Birthday to our fearless America First warrior, who always stands up for you, President Donald J. Trump!” Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, reposted this cringeworthy message from former Trump cabinet member Ben Carson

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

…while Melania Trump, as of Wednesday afternoon, had not posted anything to Instagram or Twitter. (To be fair, he was only going to celebrate her birthday in April if his “schedule allow[ed].”

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