Jared Kushner: Don’t Believe Everything You Read, Especially When You Read My Father-in-Law Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago

Pop-quiz: Your father-in-law recently had his home searched by the FBI based on probable cause that he may have broken multiple laws, including the Espionage Act. You and your wife have a documented history of conveniently being on vacation whenever he’s done something particularly reprehensible so as to avoid association, even though you willingly worked for the guy for years and never once spoke out against any of the terrible shit he got into. Unfortunately, at present, you’ve got a book to peddle and don’t have the luxury of telling reporters, “I’m out of the country with limited cell service” or “I’m going through a tunnel, you’re breaking up” while sipping a piña colada as a pool boy reapplies sunscreen to your back. Do you a) tell anyone asking that this is an ongoing investigation and we should allow the FBI and Justice Department the space to do their jobs; b) urge your FIL’s supporters to cease any and all attacks on law enforcement immediately; or c) claim that the government and the media are a bunch of snakes whose lies will soon be revealed? If you’re Jared Kushner, you apparently gotta go with C.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, the former first son-in-law was asked about the New York Times report that the FBI recovered more than 300 classified documents from Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home between January and August. “Why would the former president have that many classified things at Mar-a-Lago?” Steve Doocy wondered. Kushner’s response? That the media spent years publishing lies about him, and this is clearly no different. “I’m not familiar with what exactly the contents were,” Kushner told the gang. “But what I’ll just say from my personal experience, in the campaign, in the transition, we had a very innocent meeting with the Russian ambassador, and then four months later you’re reading that the intel agencies are leaking to The Washington Post that we requested this secret back channel and then The New York Times and CNN go crazy for a weekend accusing us of treason, and then it turns out such a thing never really happened. And so I just think you have to be very careful with what you read, and obviously just wait for the facts to develop. But I mean there’s been so many things that have been hyperventilated about over the last years that turned out to be nothing. And that’s again why I wrote this book was I wanted people to understand what it was like to be living through that when you know you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re there trying to get good things done. And people are out there accusing you of all these crazy things and you have to prove that those things didn’t happen.”

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Kushner did not note that many of the things his father-in-law was doing in office actually warranted investigation—and were accurately reported by the press—like his attempt to extort Ukraine for personal gain, or his plot to overturn the presidential election, which Jared has taken pains to insist he had nothing to do with. Over the weekend, the former first son-in-law told Fox News host Mark Levin that Trump is being “over-pursu[ed]” by haters who “always…make mistakes in trying to get him.”

Going after the media—or to use his father-in-law’s preferred nickname, “the enemy of the people”—has been a consistent theme for Kushner of late. In his new book, Breaking History, he complains that the press was “unfair” to Ivanka, claiming a video of her seemingly being snubbed by world leaders was “entirely inaccurate,” and that “snarky and dishonest detractors used the video…to create the false narrative that Ivanka was unwelcome at the G20.”

Dr. Oz’s new campaign strategy: Calling Fetterman a vegetable-averse fatty who has only himself to blame for his stroke

Here’s hoping he had a better bedside manner with his patients. Per Insider:

Dr. Mehmet Oz has spent the past week defending himself from charges that he’s hopelessly out of touch with most residents of Pennsylvania, where he is the Republican candidate for Senate. Last Monday John Fetterman, Oz’s Democratic opponent, resurfaced a video Oz recorded in what he called a “Wegners”—a mishmash of the Redner’s and Wegmans grocery store chains—shopping for “crudité” and complaining about inflation. Fetterman’s comment: “In PA, we call this a veggie tray.”

In an exclusive statement as part of Insider’s investigation into Oz, the doctor’s campaign jabbed back. “If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, then maybe he wouldn’t have had a major stroke and wouldn’t be in the position of having to lie about it constantly,” Rachel Tripp, Oz’s senior communications adviser, said.

If only Fetterman could get his hands on the “miracle weight-loss cures” Oz used to peddle on his TV show!

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