Ketanji Brown Jackson Torches Clarence Thomas for Bulls–t Take on Affirmative Action

As the Times notes, “Prosecutors often continue investigating strands of a criminal case after charges have been brought, and sometimes their efforts go nowhere. But post-indictment investigations can result in additional charges against people who have already been accused of crimes in the case.”

A spokesman for Trump declined the Times’ request comment.

It definitely must have just been a happy coincidence that a wealthy Ron DeSantis donor who reportedly lent the Florida governor his private plane on at least 12 occasions received $92 million from the DeSantis administration for his real estate project, right?

Right?? Per The Washington Post:

The administration of Florida governor Ron DeSantis steered $92 million last year in leftover federal coronavirus stimulus money to a controversial highway interchange project that directly benefits a top political donor, according to state records. The decision by the Florida Department of Transportation to use money from the 2021 American Rescue Plan for the I-95 interchange at Pioneer Trail Road near Daytona Beach fulfilled a yearslong effort by Mori Hosseini, a politically connected housing developer who owns two large tracts of largely forested land abutting the planned interchange. The funding through the DeSantis administration, approved shortly after the governor’s reelection, expedited the project by more than a decade, according to state documents.

Hosseini plans to develop the land—which includes a sensitive watershed once targeted for conservation by the state—into approximately 1,300 dwelling units and 650,000 square feet of nonresidential use, including an outdoor village shopping district. He has called the Woodhaven development, which has already begun construction, his “best project yet” and promised to pull out all the stops for its success. “With or without the interchange, we would have built Woodhaven there, but it certainly helps,” he told The Daytona Beach News Journal in March 2019.

Before the Post story was published, a spokesman for DeSantis posted the outlet’s request for comment on Twitter, later writing in an email to the newspaper, “You are trying to make an accusation to play ‘gotcha’,” in response to a question about whether DeSantis had discussed the project with Hosseini or advocating for funding it.


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