Many questions surround Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s decision to run for president in 2024 on the Democratic ticket. Questions like, does he have any policy positions besides vaccines being bad? And will his remarks about Anne Frank come up on the campaign trail? But mostly, what does Larry David, the man who unintentionally set RFK Jr. up with his wife, Cheryl Hines, and is Hines’s boss on Curb Your Enthusiasm, think of all this? And horror of horrors, is he actually supporting Kennedy’s bid for office?

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding no, despite what the country’s leading anti-vaxxer might want people to think. Speaking to The New York Times for a profile of Hines, the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy said of his campaign for the White House, “I feel a lot of support and love from most of her friends, including Larry.” That might lead one to believe David was backing Kennedy’s candidacy, but the Curb creator would like to disabuse people of that notion. In a text to the Times, he wrote, “Yes love and support, but I’m not ‘supporting’ him.”

That probably has something to do with, among other things, the fact that Trump ally Steve Bannon has reportedly been “supportive of Mr. Kennedy’s campaign” and “float[ed] the idea of a Trump-Kennedy ticket,” while rabid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has “also expressed enthusiasm.” (Kennedy insisted to the Times that he has “never spoken to Mr. Bannon or Mr. Jones about my presidential campaign.”) There’s also the gross fact that when asked twice by the paper of record if he would “reject an endorsement from Mr. Jones, who lost a $1 billion lawsuit for repeatedly saying the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting that killed 20 first graders and six educators in Newtown, Conn., was a government hoax,” Kennedy chose not to respond.

Last year, Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz complained to The New Yorker that David snubbed him in a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store over Dershowitz’s association with the Trump administration, and when pressed, told the lawyer, “You’re disgusting.” So given the people apparently backing Kennedy’s bid for office, it’s not that surprising David would not be in favor of it. But it’s good to know Curb viewers can now watch season 12 without cringing.

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