Lucian Msamati and Chance Perdomo at a party on April 25, 2019.

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News of his death appears to have stunned his current and former colleagues: Amazon MGM Studios and Sony Pictures Television, which produce Gen V, said via a statement attributed to the show’s producers that “We can’t quite wrap our heads around this. For those of us who knew him and worked with him, Chance was always charming and smiling, an enthusiastic force of nature, an incredibly talented performer, and more than anything else, just a very kind, lovely person.” 

“Even writing about him in the past tense doesn’t make sense,” the statement read. “We are so sorry for Chance’s family, and we are grieving the loss of our friend and colleague. Hug your loved ones tonight.”

Actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, who is also a member of the Gen V cast, posted a series of candid snaps of Perdomo to his Instagram stories. “Rest in peace Chance,” he captioned one. “Love yah buddy,” he captioned another one. “Hope [you’re] up in heaven with a cigar.”

Chance Perdomo and Tati Gabrielle at the “Captain Marvel” Film Premiere on March 4, 2019

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