Sophie Turner Returns to Instagram With a Little Help From Taylor Swift

In further proof that Taylor Swift is the patron saint of mid-divorce pals, Sophie Turner’s first Instagram activity since her joint statement announcing her impending divorce from Joe Jonas could not be more heavily Taylor-coded.

In a now-vanished Instagram story, Turner posted a photo of her wrist with a beaded friendship bracelet reading “Fearless.” It’s the name of a Swift album, obviously, but a strong message from a woman in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody battle over the couple’s two young daughters.

Turner has stayed silent on socials since the news broke, while Jonas has posted several shots of himself and his brothers on their current world tour on his Instagram. Turner is far from being in hiding, though: She has been spotted out several times with Swift, including dinners with the singer solo and with the Haim sisters, as well as in Swift’s jam-packed suite at the Kansas City Chiefs-New York Jets game a week ago. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time Turner has sported a Swifty-style friendship bracelet with an “omg does she mean….” message: Before news of her split with Jonas, she was spotted wearing a beaded bracelet reading “Mr. Perfectly Fine” at a Jonas Brothers concert in New York City—the title, of course, of Swift’s breakup anthem, allegedly about their now-mutual ex, Joe. (Also, since Swifties love an Easter Egg, a vault track off Fearless (Taylor’s Version), to tie it all up nicely with an elastic-stringed bow.)

Jonas and Turner were married for four years and have two young daughters. According to a lawsuit filed by Turner over custody of the children, the split was sudden, with the relationship hitting a breaking point after an argument on Jonas’ birthday, and Turner found out that Jonas had filed for divorce “through the media.” Turner, 27, is suing Jonas in an attempt to move the children to England with her permanently, as she claimed the couple had decided before divorce proceedings began.

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