Travis Kelce Scored on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Several of the night’s sketches rest on the (quite credible) notion that a character who looks like Kelce would find himself in romantic entanglements of various kinds. In “Abby The Ex-Girlfriend,” Gardner is out with pals after “Paddington 3” (Cocaine Bear) when she spots her ex, Graham, across the bar. Assuring her friends that after three years she can definitely handle chatting with him again, Abby almost immediately finds out she can’t. Impressively messy practical special effects prove exactly how little time has healed her wounds.

We also see Kelce as “Dylan,” who’s organized a “homegoing” ceremony for a grandmother named Glenda (Ego Nwodim). It’s news to her children and grandson that Dylan was more to Glenda during her last few months than just her nurse, and no one is prepared for the unorthodox way he has chosen to honor her after her death.

But it’s not just sexy, thirtysomething NFL tight ends who can get up to scandalous sexcapades: parents of adult children can too. Nwodim and James Austin Johnson play a couple who’ve called their children—played by Devon WalkerChloe Fineman, and Marcello Hernandez—home on what is apparently an emergency. But Johnson and Nwodim’s characters promise that nothing is wrong: in fact, they’re doing great, and have chosen to explain how in song. 

Kelce’s irresistible sexual magnetism also drives a sketch in which Fineman’s Kyra admits she’s blown off a Hinge date to be with Kelce’s character. They’re having a great time at her place until her impulsive decision has extremely unexpected consequences, involving Garrett (Bowen Yang), whose Stewie Griffin t-shirt is more than a random fashion statement.

Kelce also proves that he can not only turn off his sex appeal for the sake of a sketch—he can also be the straight man when the scene demands it! Specifically, he can be the straightest man, in a commercial parody promoting Straight Male Friends. For a gay man like Yang’s Carson, female friends can be draining, both financially and emotionally; nothing works better when Carson needs a break than a Straight Male Friend (Kelce) who makes zero demands and has zero expectations.

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