Amy Schumer has said she chose to undergo liposuction after reaching “a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror”.

The comedian revealed her decision to have the fat removal procedure in January, after she had her uterus and appendix removed in September 2021 to treat her endometriosis.

The 40-year-old told Hollywood Reporter that she never thought about having plastic surgery but changed her mind when her “uterus didn’t contract for two and a half years” after the birth of her two-year-old son Gene.

“It’s not about needing to be slamming, because I’ve never been famous for being hot, but I’d reached a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror,” Schumer said, adding that it was not an area that could be fixed with “grilled chicken and walks”.

She continued: “Everybody on camera is doing this s***, I just wanted to be real about it.”

Schumer shared her decision on her Instagram Stories and said she now weighs 170lbs (77kg) following the surgery and had “no regrets” about it.

In another interview last week with fellow comedian Chelsea Handler on her podcast, Dear Chelsea, Schumer repeated that she wanted “to be real about” her surgery.

“I just wanted to say that, because if anybody sees me in pictures or anything and they’re like, she looks thinner and whatever, it’s because I had a surgery,” she said.

“It’s too hard and I just want to be real about it.”

The Life of Beth star has spoken candidly about her struggle with endometriosis and IVF, which she underwent in 2020 to have a second child.

However, the process failed and Schumer had her uterus removed last year, which means she will no longer be able to become pregnant.

She told Handler: “So we’re gonna have just one child and we’re just enjoying our little family and I’m just focusing on that.

“I’m excited about it but I was sad. And it’s not really something you get sympathy for because it’s like, you already have one b****, shut up. But you know, that’s a real struggle people go through.”

Schumer shares Gene with her husband, Chris Fischer, who she married in 2018.


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