Viral marriage advice sparks ridicule online

A man whose marriage advice went viral on Twitter has been ridiculed for his tips.

Writing on the platform alongside a stock photograph of a couple’s wedding day, the man, who goes by “George” on Twitter, explained that he had been married for 23 years.

“This is the advice I’d give myself if I could go back,” he said.

Among his tips, George advised couples to “be adventurous”, “never stop dating”, “don’t keep score”, and “don’t watch porn”.

Speaking specifically to straight men, George suggested: “Be her biggest cheerleader” and told them that the only person they should be alone with “is your wife”.

He also advised the men to “take care of her financially” and start investing their money.

Much of his advice was related to self-care. “Take care of yourself so you can take care of her,” he wrote.

George added: “Eat real food, exercise 30 minutes a day, get seven to eight hours of sleep, drink enough water.”

He also suggested meditation, waking up earlier, and reading the Bible.

However, it wasn’t long until people started mocking George’s advice.

“Just buy your wife a little cinnamon bun and call it a day,” wrote one user.

“I feel like there’s a line between the performative spouse hating and whatever this is and you should find that line and live there and never tell anyone about it,” they added.

Another commented: “I started reading thinking how bad could it be. I now feel thoroughly educated in how bad it could be. And I only got halfway through.”

A third wrote: “Oh god this is exhausting I am exhausted by this”.

However, some people found the advice helpful.

“This is so beautiful and it applies to dating too,” wrote one person.

“Can’t argue with any of these (except maybe the order) and #blessed to have a wife who feels the same way!” added another.

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