Bow Wow is feeling some type of way about Jermaine Dupri’s role in his career.

While he is often associated with the So So Def mogul, the “Shortie Like Mine” rapper wants to make it clear that J.D. is not responsible for putting him on.

During a Twitter Q&A with fans, a fan told Bow Wow that he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Dupri. “Snoop might have discovered you…but JD made you!!!” tweeted the fan.

But Bow was not having it and fired back, “made who? Hahahaha he made kriss kross. He aint make me. I aint go thru artist development i aint have to be taught how to rap. This aint the tv show the rap game. I came ready. No disrespect but he aint teach me nothing bout this business bro. And thats real. He dont give advice.”

In earlier tweets, Bow Wow clarified that he doesn’t have beef with J.D. However, he doesn’t feel that the super-producer deserves credit for his career.

“I aint beefing w jd. All i said was he was not the person who put me on. And he wasnt,” he said. “And us not working together in 10 yrs is true. I dont need jd to make money. Are you nutz my boy? What movie or tv hosting he help me prep for? How many plays he done ran by me? NONE. I do me.”

He was kinder to Snoop Dogg, who gave a 6-year-old “Lil Bow Wow” his stage name after seeing him perform at a concert in 1993. Bow went on to appear on Snoop’s debut album Doggystyle before signing with J.D. at So So Def where he released his 2000 debut album Beware of Dog. Two of Bow’s highest-charting hits, “Like You” and “Let Me Hold You,” were written and produced by Dupri.

However, Bow feels that he is Snoop’s artist first and foremost. “Ima protégé of Dog. Im snoop artist 1st. Thats just what it is,” he said. “And now we back and things bout to be how they was pose to be from jump.”

Last month, Bow Wow announced plans to reunite with Snoop and release his final album on Death Row Records, which was recently acquired by the hip-hop icon.

“My plan is to put my final album on death row and close my music career out where it began,” he said. “I’m tryna do the d wade and come home and close it out.”


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