Everything You Need to Know About Rising PR Mogul Tash Greizen

Tash Greizen, the founder and CEO of NOW PR, is reimagining the world of public relations and the way her clients interact with their audiences.

As Tash Greizen continues to expand her PR empire, she is taking on bigger projects and more diverse clients. NOW PR, a boutique PR agency located in Beverly Hills, California, has established and maintained relevance throughout the years by revolutionizing branding, communication, and public relations for clients. While NOW PR has traditionally worked with models, influencers, and celebrities in the past, the company has continued to reinvent itself. This year, the agency has started working with restaurants and other lifestyle brands, becoming an absolute pillar to the Los Angeles entertainment and luxury dining scene.

The founder of NOW PR, Tash Greizen, started her company with one overarching, core value: to create an agency that helps companies in the way that she would want her company to be helped. Her agency has a strong foundation of women empowerment, and it has proven to be an incredibly successful business model. Female entrepreneurs feel heard and understood by NOW PR, and with the support of Tash and her team, they are able to build confidence in themselves and their business.

Tash was inspired to open her own agency after working several years in the fashion and jewelry industries. Her experience gave her a unique perspective on branding, and she wanted to create an agency that supports a variety of luxury brands across all ventures. The support brands receive from NOW PR is unparalleled and has resulted in growing interest from other industries in working with the company.
In recent years, NOW PR has transitioned to support all kinds of clients and businesses, while still staying true to its original core values. Today, NOW PR’s client list includes fashion brands, skin care lines, small businesses, restaurants, and more. NOW PR specializes in branding and media publications, getting clients into top news and magazine outlets. Clients have been featured in notable publications including Vogue, Elle, LA Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. With each month, new brands and companies flock to NOW PR with hopes of becoming a client because they know NOW PR is an incredibly supportive full-service luxury agency that will grow their business.

With almost 10 years of experience in public relations, Tash is an ambitious and knowledgeable leader. She has grown her business from the ground up, and established her place in the PR world by constantly evolving to keep up with new trends and techniques.

Due to the growth of her company, and her inspiring ambition, Tash has expanded her business by creating NOW Magazine, NOW Men, and Sky Productions. These branches support all NOW PR clients through their business ventures and ensure clients have the best possible PR for their brand.

Currently, NOW PR has offices in Beverly Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, but they are continuing to grow. NOW PR has plans to open agencies in Paris and New York, and hopes to continue growing in the coming years by opening offices in other major cities around the world.

Written By: Tenny Zakarian

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