Over on X (a.k.a Twitter), Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, who are streaming their prerecorded interview as debate counterprogramming, spent some time bashing Fox News.

“Fox is way down, as you know,” Trump told Carlson. “They just don’t have a lot of credibility, Tucker––you know that perhaps better than anybody.” He then described the April cancellation of Carlson’s Fox show as “a terrible move,” but offered the host a silver lining. “You were number one on television, and all of a sudden you’re doing this interview,” Trump said, “but we’ll get bigger ratings using this crazy forum…than probably the debate.” 

The former president also noted that the network “isn’t particularly friendly” to him or his 2024 ambitions, before accusing the network of trying to boost Florida governor Ron DeSantis. “Now they’ve given up on [DeSantis],” he added. “I mean, he’s a lost cause.”


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